Singing at 54 Below June 29th

Wednesday, June 29th I’ll be singing in a concert paying homage the Neil Simon Theatre, the place I made my Bway debut in Big Fish.  It’s the same theatre where Grandpa Keith played Joe Dynamite in Wildcat with Lucille Ball in 1960, so to honor both him and the theatre, I’ll be singing one of Grandpa’s songs from Wildcat.  Hope to see some friends there!  RyanAndes Grandpa and Lucy Wildcat

Musical Workshop – Other World

Just finished performing in a short workshop of a brand-new musical called Other World.  Can’t say too much about it except that it is a fantastic and funny show with beautiful music.  The team is outstanding; I had an amazing time working on it with them!  13423776_10153625311472967_1465235749122410694_n

The Lightning Thief Workshop

Just started rehearsals for Theatreworks USA’s full-length version of their show- The Lightning Thief.  Working with some great people and digging into some killer music.  We have several performances at the end of the month, reach out to me if you’re interested in checking it out.  LighteningThief-940x400

Encore’s The Wild Party at NYCC

Had a great time playing Eddie in this production.  In just over two weeks we fully staged it, choreo and all.  Couldn’t have done it without this group of people, some of the best I’ve ever worked with.  Huge gratitude to Andrew Lippa for bringing me on at the last minute, and to Leigh Silverman for making it all happen.  Photo : Joan Marcus Bruce Glikas 3

Peter Pan Live on NBC – December 4th

On December 4th at 8pm, tune into NBC!  I will be playing Admirable Crichton on Peter Pan, Live!

Also, check out some of the leather and metalwork I was hired to do for the show.  Not a bad gig when you get to do two of the things you love most – make stuff out of leather and put on a wig and dance like a pirate.  Not bad at all.

photo 2 photo 5 photo(4) photo 3


Kiss Me, Kate at the New London Barn Playhouse

KMK New London Barn 5photo(2)
Last night was an auspicious night – It marked the opening of Kiss Me, Kate at the New London Barn Playhouse in NH.

In 1949, Grandpa Keith stepped into the role of Fredric C. Graham (pictured in ’49 with Anne Jeffreys), replacing Alfred Drake, and finishing out the run of the original Broadway production.   Last night I had the honor and privilege of stepping into Fred’s shoes for the first time in my career, and pay homage to the old man.