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Voice Over

Ryan's Voice Over Reel

ZIPS Dry Cleaning Spot - "Burning Money"
NYC DOT Brooklyn Nets VO Spot
NC Lotto Wolfman VO
Dixie "Smooth Operator" (national spot), Narrator
Dixie "Huggernaut" (national spot), Narrator
Castrol Edge "Words of Strength" (national spot), Narrator
Awake.com (national spot), Narrator
Compare.com as Isaac the Apple
Dicks Sporting Goods - Scorecard
Star Wars Fighter Pods - Hasbro (Voice of Darth Vader)
Obsessed Documentary, Narrator
Ratuki, Cheetah Voice Over, Hasbro
Wazoo Voice Over, Topps Inc
March of Empires Promo - Ryan Andes VO
Ryan Andes Commercial VO Demo 2017
Ryan Andes Promo VO Demo 2017
Dixie "Driver's Seat Diva" (national spot), Narrator
Dixie "Boo Boo Ninja" (national spot), Narrator
Transformers "Combiner Force- When Bots Collide" (national spot), Narrator
As Jack the Bravecto Dog
Frontier as Frank the Buffalo
Candymania - How to Train Your Dragon 2 Ring Pop as Scottish VO and American AVO
Scrabble Alphabet Scoops - Hasbro
Cinzano Presecco, Announcer with Italian Accent
Ratuki "Behind the Scenes" Cheetah VO, Hasbro
Nissan Patrol, Voice Over